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If you are looking for a trustworthy, professional, and experienced attorney with more than one area of expertise, Loren B Vaccarezza is the affordable attorney you've been looking for. With him, there's no need to hire a multitude of attorneys because he is educated in several areas of law.

He can provide you with comprehensive legal support, allowing him to advocate for you in many areas of law. His rates are affordable and he promises to fight for you and your rights. Whether you need a divorce attorney, child support attorney, or your case is something serious, give Loren B Vaccarezza a call.

He is a dedicated legal professional who is well-versed in many specialized areas of law, bringing a diverse background to court. This gives him an edge when dealing with complex legal matters.

You can trust his practice and he will not advocate for you in any area in which he is not experienced.

If you need an affordable lawyer, call Loren B Vaccarezza today. He proudly serves the people of San Jose, CA.

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  • Over 16 Years of Experience
  • Late Appointments Available on Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Personal Service during Difficult Times
  • Problem Solver when Needed


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